About Us.

Stan Construction is a company of a select few who share its founder’s guiding philosophy of honesty and integrity throughout the design and construction process. This centers on a conviction that a home’s first life need not be its only-or-best life. Stan Construction brings care, expertise and a highly developed sense of form, space and function to the singular purpose of making a home far better than it has ever been.

Marty Stanislaus spent from March 2010 to March 2012  in Afghanistan at which time Brian Stanislaus continued to keep the company running. Marty worked for the Army Corps of Engineers as a Construction Control Rep inspecting projects around the country. This experience has increased my knowledge and I have a new appreciation for American construction.

First, renovations are not a sideline, but rather a primary business. Creating distinctive living environments has always been the firm’s first love. Second, in both new construction and renovation, our focus is on finer homes, which require a master touch to realize its ultimate potential. Every member of the design/construction team is a handpicked specialist in his or her field.

A Stan Construction home is characterized by remarkable and noticeable attention to detail and fidelity to purpose in the execution of each and every ingredient, no matter how small. With experience in most any style, we coordinate the building process from inception to completion and provides valuable critical overview of each phase. From architectural design to vigilant, uncompromising start-to-finish construction management, our homes bears the unmistakable stamp of superior craftsmanship and meticulous care.

Above all, your home will be a statement of individuality, a notable reflection of your personality and tastes.