Twenty Plus years of success has its advantages. At Stan Construction, we make it a point to honor the traditions of the past while keeping up on the latest trends, products and innovations. Our reputation was built on honesty, integrity and quality. We intend to keep that reputation alive by paying homage to it in every project we undertake.


A home is more than just its walls. It is a place where people live or work. It is a place that provides comfort and fulfills a need. At Stan Construction, our goal is to improve our clients’ lives by improving the structures surrounding them. This means that we work closely with clients to determine their needs. We listen. And we respect that every project is important and has meaning for our clients.


Knowledge, skill and personal attention to every detail are critical elements of our service. Stan Construction believes that quality building begins with strong design, and we enjoy working closely with Nebraska ‘s finest architects and interior designers.


At Stan Construction, we take tremendous pride in our work. From the hidden structural elements to the decorative moldings, only the finest work is able to pass our own inspection. This is part of our dedication to integrity in building. We expect nothing less than the best from our team and from our suppliers. Because only the best work deserves the Stan Construction name.